Driving Fintech Innovation

Oriol Ros

Managing Partner

¿Historian and Journalist? Are you saying that you don't have a background in investment banking or engineering? These are common reactions when I detail my credentials to entrepreneurs (possibly my father felt equally stunned 25 years ago when I bet for those Liberal Arts), but today I know it was a wise decision to want to understand the past to project the future, to learn how to communicate, decipher messages, and build narratives (to navigate these always turbulent seas).

Marc Alcón


Amidst all these business guys, someone had to know about technology, so that's my role at KVP. For over 20 years, as a co-founder of Latinia, where I've held various C-level positions, I support, with pragmatism, creativity, and a passion for technology, everything that the team suggests and promotes in the portfolio... because we're here to talk about technology, right? Tell me about Jira that I’ll ask how you plan to scale the company.

Alejandro Olabarría


I navigated through Northwestern Kellogg and Bain Consulting, yet the call to support from the backstage always beckoned to me, so Kalonia Venture Partners was born, fed from our past experiences at Latinia as well as from my investor experience. Our goal is to give back and leverage knowledge and synergies in a cause I wholeheartedly believe in: entrepreneurship as the driving force of progress. My role? upstream management to nurture relationships with KVP's Limited Partners.

Josefa Marzo

Porfolio Director

When I studied Law, I never thought I would work outside of Spain (New York and Mexico City) or that I would embark on entrepreneurship after a successful career in the corporate world (ABN – RBS, local and regional, where I ended up as the COO of Latam). Without knowing what fintech really was, I set out to create a bank, Accendo, which, leveraging technology, could provide the same services to SMEs as to large companies. From that venture, I learned, first with Finnovista, and now with Kalonia, to support entrepreneurs who, like me, dream of transforming the financial world to make a better world.