We Invest in the Future of Financial Technology

Empowering strategic investments in B2B fintech startups with high growth potential

About Us

Kalonia Venture Partners (KVP) is a venture capital fund specializing in early-stage B2B fintech investments in Latin America or ventures whose projects plan to expand their operations to the region in the short term.

Where do we invest?

Your Strategic Partner in the Fintech Revolution

At Kalonia Venture Partners we cultivate and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the fintech world, combining over two decades of experience as operators in the banking software industry with a passion for driving inclusion and financial health in Latin America.


We Invest Early but Escort you far away

Privileged partners of a diverse range of fintech companies, we actively participate in the earliest stages of their journey. Our portfolio not only reflects our conviction in each of these projects but also our belief in the development of a more robust, accessible, and inclusive digital financial ecosystem.