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In the early stages, it's about looking through the eyes of the entrepreneur and trying to decipher who they are, understanding their worldview. Next comes the Idea, and perhaps later, a Product.

And what we saw here, we liked.



Blockchain infrastructure for Financial Institutions

Kalonia, due to the experience of its partners in banking software companies, was a clear match in our vision, because of their experience and knowledge, both commercial and operational, as well as the personal alignment with its partners.


Open Finance

Open Banking platform that provides financial institutions in Latam with a single access point to transaction and payment information through APIs that enable the creation of multiple financial products.

Kalonia was our first institutional support and a great ally of Prometeo from day one. In addition to being a VC with great vision and shrewdness in identifying trends in the financial sector, they have contributed experience, industry knowledge, and a human quality that makes the experience of surfing the startup life alongside their team much more enjoyable.


Open Finance

Open banking and finance API platform that standardizes the aggregation and enrichment of financial data, providing tools to access and understand data and move money in a transparent and secure manner.

The Kalonia team has been fundamental to the initial phase and growth of Belvo. They were the first institutional investors to believe in our idea and trust us. Besides that, they have been incredibly helpful in opening up their extensive network in the financial industry in Latin America: we have closed clients, formed alliances, and hired employees thanks to Kalonia's introductions.


Invoice Finance Marketplace

SME financing platform through invoice discounting operating in Peru and Mexico (IFPE license holder) through crowdlending.

Kalonia has been a great travel companion to date, and I couldn't be happier to have them as partners. It is noticeable (and much appreciated) that they have previously been entrepreneurs in the financial and technological industry, so they understand well the path that an entrepreneur takes and how they can help with the different challenges faced.



Payment integrator through a QR code solution to generate a unique interoperable system used by banks, businesses, wallets, and CODI.

Great allies and mentors... They truly are a great support for growth and focusing on your vision. They know how to ground you when you are flying without direction, and also know how to lift you up when you fall into monotony. We are 100% grateful to have met and invited Kalonia to be part of dapp. As they always say to me... let's take dapp to other galaxies together.


Blockchain for capital markets

Blockchain-based platform for the exchange of collateral in OTC operations that allows financial institutions and corporates to access the derivatives market with significant improvements in time, processes, and costs.

Kalonia has been an invaluable partner in our journey to revolutionize the capital market industry. Their strategic investment and unwavering support have allowed us to accelerate our growth and expand our product offerings. Their experience, network, and guidance have been crucial in helping us navigate the complexities of the industry and make sound decisions.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence with a cognitive architecture that allows automating the reading and extraction of data in any type of documents such as legal documentation, invoices, medical records.

Kalonia led our third round of investment and has continued to bet on us in our adventure to this day. And most importantly in our case, they have come to understand our business as well as we do ourselves, their contributions are as valuable as their investments.


Lending Infrastructure for the Gig Economy

Proprietary credit scoring model fed with alternative data based on the customer behavioral, which can thus provide credit to lowly banked population segments, improving the profitability of the segment for FIs.

Thanks to Kalonia's experience in the Latin American market, we have been able to deepen our understanding of the current fintech ecosystem in Colombia and Mexico, as well as the current needs of the financial system. Kalonia has also supported us in raising investment with their experience in structuring capital rounds and in selecting technical profiles for the construction of the abacus model.


Accounting Software Automatization for SMEs

Multi-company accounting system in the cloud that helps accountants or accounting departments save time, gain more clients, and serve them better with technology.

Kalonia has been a fundamental partner for our business. We were fortunate to meet them early in our journey and they have been a constant support for us since then. Additionally, the entire Kalonia team has been exceptional advisors, providing us with expert guidance on a day-to-day basis and always willing to discuss any issue personally. And last but not least, Kalonia has proven to be a very attentive and detailed investor in tracking our progress.


Regtech / Data Anonymization

Platform that ensures the privacy of personal data, both structured and unstructured, providing organizations with a strategic security layer through anonymization and pseudonymization processes.

Kalonia is one of the most impressive venture capital firms I have had the pleasure of meeting. Their dedication to supporting their portfolio companies, like Nymiz, is truly exceptional. Not only do they provide valuable support in fundraising, but they also dedicate themselves to helping their portfolio companies succeed in all aspects of the business, including their commercial growth.



AI Platform that allows both the building sector and real estate agencies to offer their clients options to finance their homes, while also facilitating interaction with financial institutions.

Kalonia has helped us understand the venture capital market while connecting us with key funds in the ecosystem. They constantly challenge us and have helped us maintain focus and clear objectives in managing our startup.


Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS)

Lending as a Service (LaaS) platform for enterprise customers that digitizes end-to-end the credit process (scoring, profiling, onboarding), easing a frictionless access to credit in a more cost-effectiveness way through technology.

Kalonia believed in the Prestanómico team very early on, amidst a pivot, and before our rapid scaling. They have supported us in consecutive rounds until we were ready to raise our Series A. Their team asks us questions that lead us to see angles we might not have considered. Having them as partners has been invaluable for our development as a company.


Software for Financial Institutions

Financial Health AI Platform using transactional data & behavioral economics aimed at helping banks and insurers to understand the financial situation of their clients and to sell the products & services that better fits them.

Kalonia Venture Partners is the kind of fund you need in your early financing rounds as a startup. On one hand, they provide economic capacity to support you in several rounds, but on the other, the team works hand in hand with the founders to develop your business model. From market and product vision to access to potential client contacts. If you are a fintech and believe your market is Spain-LATAM, Kalonia would be my first choice as a Venture Capital.



Tuio is a 100% digital, home neo-insurance company committed to changing the world of insurance using the best technology to optimize insurance processes, creating a transparent and open insurance pricing structure that explains to its customers how the insurance works and where their money goes.

From the very beginning, they have been a great support for tuio and for me as an entrepreneur and have represented much more than just a source of financing. It is evident that they support entrepreneurs out of vocation and that they enjoy it. In the initial phases of the relationship, they tend to be quick and pragmatic in making investment decisions. They have supported us in all key moments, not only financially but also with deep industry knowledge and great common sense.


Accounting Software Automatization for SMEs

Platform for optimizing and managing supplies, with streamlined payment processes for businesses. All-in-One solution for managing SMEs basic supplies, saving costs and management time, while gaining more visibility on consumption and better expense forecasting.

It's not common to meet people with whom you instantly connect. We needed Kalonia to be quick to close the round, and they delivered. We needed talent, and they delivered. When we need business advice, they are there. What you see with Kalonia is what you get. We are happy to have them as shareholders and to move forward together.

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