Committed to Shaping the Future

Kalonia Venture Partners (KVP) is a venture capital fund specializing in early-stage B2B fintech investments in Latin America or ventures whose projects plan to expand their operations to the region in the short term.


Our first fund, KVP I, operates on an 'evergreen' model, which means it is not restricted by a termination date. This approach allows us to reinvest a percentage of the returns (‘proceeds’) generated from our investments ('exits') back into the fund, while distributing another percentage to our investors ('Limited Partners').

By being ‘evergreen’, we ensure a closer alignment with entrepreneurs and provide us with the flexibility to adapt to changes in the fund's investment theses, besides increasing our investment capacity.

A few words About Us and our Past

KVP began its venture capital journey in 2019, although since 2017, we have been investing as LPs in several funds in the region with the purpose of gaining access to a better deal-flow, co-investing and participating in follow-on rounds.

This strategy has afforded us the freedom and capacity to select from the most promising projects.