Da mihi animas, caetera tolle (Give Me Souls, Take Away the Rest)

It is commonly accepted that the two most critical axes for a company to thrive are to achieve the product/market fit as soon as possible, and to build a sales and marketing machine that allows the business (and the company) to scale.

But in the recent years we have witnessed a third phenomenon, especially in technology and in high-growth companies, which has put the previous two in check: the need to acquire talent at the same speed as the business takes off. Talent demand has sharply surpassed the supply.

A crisis in recruiting, especially present in companies that have recently received funds, is often a severe hurdle in the business traction phase, then it becomes critical to fulfill the required positions as soon as possible in the growth process. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing the company traction engine at full throttle, while the necessary talent to lead it is not present.

The shortage of this resource causes many companies in the growth phase to suffer serious mismatches in their business plans. This is particularly true when these profiles are not active in the job market, and the company must develop procurement processes to appeal to those candidates that are in passive mode.

Kalonia is aware of this situation, and has developed a decanting methodology in the recruitment process to avoid compromising the take-off of your business.