Aquila non capit muscas (The Eagle does not catch Flies)

The Product/Market Fit (PMF) happens to be one of the most sensitive elements in the life cycle of a company, especially on its early stages, because without a validated fit, the company may have serious difficulties to thrive. Product / market fit means being in an appealing market with a product capable of satisfying it. Without that initial fit, the company will not open its second -but no less important- chapter, how to scale. The PMF should be considered as an intermediate step between validation and the creation of a customer base, while being subject to the unnegotiable market judgement.

PMF is of vital importance in the sense that it amalgamates different aspects of the company beyond marketing and commercial, although these are the most visible parts of this process. It all begins with a compelling value proposition, followed by a fine-tuned market segmentation, and ends up with a go-to-market approach that generates the best possible customer traction, all of them pivoting in the nimblest manner.

The Product/Market Fit is a tortuous path that companies must permanently follow as they increase their challenges, either by entering new product lines, new markets (with the same product), or both (new markets with new products). It is a constant that will always escort the company on its trip to the customer’s heart.

Once the product has been embedded (heard that click), it will be time to transition to growth, learning how to scale in the most efficient way, and simply growing steadily. At this stage, the success of a company will be measured not only by the number of customers signed, but how fast you are able to sell them.