Posside sapientiam, quia auro melior est (Much better to get wisdom than gold)

The current context of Corporate Governance, shaken by constant changes, requires decisions that must often be both fast, accurate, and with the highest degree of knowledge. This situation is forcing the role of a board member to suffer a severe transformation.

This transformation is demanded by the permanent emergence of new industries and businesses, which have technology as a driver or playing a leading role, and therefore generating the need to acquire knowledge on these new areas. Today, being a board member requires a global vision to lead this change, and successfully exercise its increasingly important responsibilities with the management, with the shareholders and with the rest of the stakeholders.

Kalonia, with experience in more than 40 Board of Directors, offers its resources both as Independent BoD members for third parties, as proprietary BoD members for those companies invested or owned by Kalonia Venture Partners, and as external advisors giving voting recommendations on the issues that a company will be voting on its Shareholders™ meetings (proxy advisor).

The figure of the Board Member is currently undergoing an important professionalization, to become a key element in the decision-making process for the companies where he or she is involved. In this dynamic and competitive context, which is often subjected to the pressure of the short term results and the undeniable transparency and visibility brought about by the new media, a successful board member should have a global perspective that brings security and confidence, and the initiative to navigate the constantly changing environment. We are thus assisting to the transformation of the Board of Directors and the roles of its members.